Guest Lectures and Academic Research Projects

As seasoned professionals, we strongly believe that we need to keep in touch with bright new minds and opinions. We also believe in investing time in research and in the development of knowledge, expertise and methodologies for measuring the reputation of organisations and the impact of how they improve the world we live in.

Since 20 year, we are lecturing at Ghent University, and we operate as an independent member of the Master’s degree jury at ICHEC Brussels Management School. Furthermore, we operate as Research Director of the Postgraduate Master MTB, Faculty of Philosophy at Ghent University. Each year we propose compelling research subjects in the forefront of communication, the convergence of reputation and society, or help cultural organisations to adopt commercial marketing and reputation strategies.

Academic Research Project

Recent research projects include:

  • Mars Belgium : employer branding

Research on the status quo of the employer branding of Mars Belgium, and recommendation for an improved profiling as a most attractive employer towards young potential undergraduates and young professionals in FMCG. (Research 2013-2014)


  • Museum of Fine Arts Ghent : image and profiling strategy

Research on the current awareness and image of the Museum of Fine Arts of Ghent amongst the public, and recommendations on how to position and which communication and profiling strategy to adopt to become the preferred cultural arts institution in the Ghent region. (Research 2014-2015)


  • Floralies Ghent 2016 : international Flower Show : effectiveness of the brand

Research on the question whether the current branding of the Flower Show is still appropriate for the totally new dynamic Flower and Plants Festival, and whether the brand has the potential to attract the forecast of 250.000 visitors in April 2016. (Research 2014-2015)


  • Culture house “Vooruit” Ghent : image and impact of the societal engagement of a music hall and recommendations regarding communication on the ongoing engagement

Research into the perception by the public and culture industry of the part of societal engagement in the image of cultural institutions, and of the impact on image and perceived relevance of the societal project of the music hall Vooruit in particular. Recommendations regarding the communication strategies to be put in place in order to spread this differentiating characteristic. (Research 2013-2014)


  • Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Fund Belgium : positioning and communication of the new Ronald McDonald House in Belgium

Research on the perception of the yearly fundraising action “Give a smile” amongst restaurant clients in Belgium and recommendations for improved communications. Qualitative research and recommendations on the positioning and communication strategies of the new initiative “A first Ronald McDonald House in Belgium. The Ronald MdDonald Houses provide comfort and care to seriously ill children and their families during their stay at the hospital. (Research 2014-2015)


  • The Federation of the Belgian Food Industry FEVIA : research into the use of social media in corporate communication

Research into the use of social media in the various fields of corporate communication, specifically in crisis communication or prevention, and recommendations regarding corporate social media policies. (Research 2012-2013)


  • The Royal Society of Agriculture and Botany of Ghent : the perception and meaning of flowers and plants in the life of youngsters

Research into the perception and the use of flowers and plants by youngsters and young professionals. Recommendations on new ways of communication about flowers and plants towards youngsters. (Research 2013-2014)