The Royal Society for Agriculture and Botany of Ghent – Strategy and action plan for stakeholder management

As a result of its 2012 renewal strategy driven by the newly elected President, the main focus of which was increasing visibility, renewal and financial sustainability, Ine Mariën & Company was asked in 2013 to devise a well-considered strategy and action plan for stakeholder management.

It was soon clear that intelligent stakeholder management would be an essential management tool for realising the strategic objective of renewal, and especially for creating a new event in the city of Ghent. On the one hand, building solid support amongst key stakeholders such as the horticultural sector, the city, the province and sector-related governmental agencies. On the other hand, by establishing a new kind of collaboration, lasting relationships and alliances with professional organisations, players from civil society and education.

The detailed stakeholder policy focused on five main areas: making the organisation more professional and developing a pre-concept paper and clear collaboration proposals; creating a platform for participation and realisation, both with the structural partners such as the sector, the city and the province as well as with numerous professional organisations, governmental agencies and education; broadening, deepening and ensuring a robust business case through information and dialogue; creating an inspirational story for the general public, and finally, establishing professional project management.