AG Real Estate – Stakeholder Communications and Relationship Management as part of Risk Management

AG Real Estate Stakeholder Analysis

Strategic advice to management as to how to approach communication with the various stakeholders: politicians, educational sector, student and parent groups, the press, entrepreneurs, architects, etc. This recommendation was a key aspect of risk management in the frame of the “PPP-Construction of schools in Flanders” project (211 schools to be built over a six-year period, involving a 1.5 billion euro budget).
Developing and writing out the chapter on “Relation management and stakeholder communication” for the 2008 tender submitted by the (at the time) Fortis Real Estate group as a private partner in the PPP to be formed. Development of a Master Plan focusing on stakeholder and relational aspects and the management of external communication, including the organization of a communication department and the phased implementation of this plan during the project’s four stages (design, build, finance and maintain) over a six-year period. The communication management plan was conceived as an elementary management aspect, incorporating the project’s KPI approach.