High Council for Justice – Advice and coaching for repositioning, stakeholder communication and communication planning 2012-2016

The new communication strategy’s most important objective was to bring clarity to the position and role of the HCJ in the political and legal environment, as well as making its operation more transparent, starting an on-going dialogue with stakeholders and citizens and creating an efficient internal communication flow within the HCJ.

High Counsil for Justice

With this goal in mind, Ine Mariën & Company worked closely with the chairmen’s office, the administrators and the communication officer, to draw up a 2012–2016 masterplan as well as a 2012 action plan. In a first step, a mini-scan of the current communication was carried out. Next, there was a survey of the major internal and external stakeholders, within the Judicial Order, politics, and the players and partners of justice. The insights from these studies allowed Ine Mariën & Company to draw up a strategic communication plan which contributed directly to the HCJ’s long-term plan. In addition, and in close collaboration with the administrators, an effective communication service and the main communication parameters of the communication function were established: assignment, mission, objectives, responsibilities, action areas, operation and resources, and evaluation.