Who we are

We are independent experts who specialise in those strategic communication and development areas which are key to the success or acceptability of a business, policy or transformation. We help private organisations and public authorities, and their executives, to build, maintain and manage a strong and sustainable position in their particular political, economic and social environments.

We advise executives, boards and strategic committees about positioning and market strategies, transformation and change, business development, strategic communication, reputation management and communication risks, as well as corporate affairs and stakeholder management, client and consumer insights.

We pride ourselves on our solid business experience and, as a result, we know the extent to which communication and marketing choices are key to the success of a business, a policy or a brand.

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Expertise and experience based

Our experience with public and private organisations has contributed to shaping our expertise in developing, implementing and managing various strategic aspects of business development, marketing and communication.

Our extensive experience in, and understanding of, business, market drivers, stakeholder claims, corporate motivation and government or political influence help us to provide organisations with accurate and relevant insight and advice.

Small in scale, yet ambitious in scope

Contrary to today’s globalised economic world, where size is generally considered to be the measure of everything, including success, power and potential, Ine Mariën & Company has deliberately chosen a personalised, small-scale approach.

Working with various economic and political decision makers, companies, representative federations, associations and foundations, our senior advisers and consultants have all managed and advised both public and private organisations in a wide range of industry sectors.

Independent and engaged

We are an independent consultancy, so we have no external shareholders, nor do we have a costly back office. Ine Mariën & Company’s independence and personalised approach reinforces our ability to provide customised top quality advice, which is focused entirely on our clients’ interests. It allows us to be transparent, straightforward with management, to take on issues or projects wholeheartedly, to foster a sense of closeness with our clients and to work hand in hand with in-house departments.

The quality of our consultants

Our work is based on the quality of our consultants and the basic ideas which underpin all of our advice: contextual insights, freedom of expression and of thought, unbridled creativity and the absence of any compromises or internal constraints. Teams consisting of senior experts work in combination with smart junior consultants. We feel that this provides fertile ground for brilliant ideas, intelligent strategies and new solutions for our clients.