Our mission, vision and values

Our vision, mission and values are the backbone of our focus and excellence in consulting.


Our mission is to help private organisations and public authorities, and their executives, to build, maintain and manage a strong and sustainable position in their particular political, economic and social environments.

We support executives in developing, implementing and fulfilling their corporate mission, their business and operational goals. We are active in organisational transformation, strategy communication, corporate affairs, positioning and stakeholder management, reputation, issue and crisis management.


Our vision is to add value to the business case or policy objectives by achieving a clear and trusted position in the market for our clients, and a thorough acceptability amongst all stakeholders.


We believe that consulting is not simply a free piece of advice, but goes with strong ethical engagement. This is why we cherish a series of the values that help us to realise our mission and which have become a trademark for our services:

  • We continuously strive for excellence: our ability to see the big picture, combined with our collective professional know-how and experience, enable us to deliver excellence through only the very best, intelligent, tailored advice.
  • Respect is right in the center of our relationship with clients and all their and our stakeholders: personalised attention, respect towards people and a collaborative atmosphere are vital to our work ethics.
  • Independence: we relish our freedom, which allows us to be straightforward with management, provide neutral top quality advice, and to tap into an unlimited supply of creativity and inventiveness
  • Integrity and Transparency: honesty and impartiality guarantee neutral advice entirely focused on our client’s interests; we work in a transparent way with clients, share methodologies and transfer know how to in-house departments.
  • Social and environmental responsibility: we ensure that all our solutions not only perform, but also take people and the planet into account
  • Passion and humour: we have a passion for business and policy and how our insights and strategies can help realise goals or transformations; we take our work very seriously, however not ourselves : we strongly believe a good sense of humour enhances the quality of life in general, it reduces stress, creates empathy, and improves the collaboration within teams and with clients.