We believe that art and culture offer exceptional ways of challenging the world we live in and provide many of us with enjoyment and a fresh perspective. So in addition to our commercial activities, we feel it is our duty and pleasure to get involved and make culture move forward.

Similarly, we believe that it is part of our mission to give something back to society, part of our duty to help those who are in need in order to make this a better world, to help people and society to move on, and to make this beautiful planet sustainable.

We use our knowledge and expertise in reputation building and our insights into reputation building, market positioning and organisational transformation to help art and culture to move forward, and to help the people and the planet. This kind of advice and consultancy is worth far more than any simple cash donation we could make.

We want art and culture to have a greater place in our society. We try to envisage how we can bring business to art, and art to business, to improve imagination or integration, whether it’s a destination, an educational forum or a means of empowerment. We believe that being involved in artistic and cultural projects helps to keep us in touch with what’s happening in the world and provides us with a very useful source of fresh inspiration.

We are involved in the following art and societal initiatives and organisations:


Convinced of the great potential of Brussels as one of most global regions of the world, we wish to support the economic development of the Capital Region. As non-executive director of BECI, the Brussels Employers Federation, we actively took part in establishing “The “Business Route 2018 for Metropolitan Brussels”, a project for more jobs and prosperity, which is meant to contribute to the economic development of the Brussels metropolis and to make better use of the Brussels assets as an international centre.

Believing contemporary art is one of the most compelling face-to-face confrontations with the world, we believe bringing business to art and art to business will bring reflection, inspiration and greater imagination.

As vice-chair of the Festival, we believe a lively city Festival can bring about daring programmes and unique innovation in classical music performance, making the music accessible to a broad and young public, and offering a platform for social diversity and cultural participation.
Flanders Symphony Orchestra

Proud for having initiated this unique fund in 2001, we actively support the investment of 2 milllion euro in a first Belgian Ronald McDonald House in Belgium, aiming at providing comfort and care to families of seriously ill children during their stay at the hospital.
Ronald Mcdonald Children's Fund

As entrepreneurs, we advice the new foundation ‘100000 Entrepreneurs’ with their main mission to pass on the entrepreneurial culture and diffuse an initiative-taking mindset to young generations. This by making the youngsters want to take control over their future and giving them a professional perspective. Learning to concentrate on one project and realising it, choosing their professional life and givig it a meaning.
100000 Entrepreneurs

Believing in the international role Brussels has to play on the European fine arts scene, we deliberately support this unique centre promoting creativity, quality, and artistic diversity in arts. For art not to be something abstract and distant, but for it to be truly part of the “culture” of a society. Art and people must find and recognise each other, must interact with and enrich each other. For the greater happiness of all.
Center for Fine Arts Brussels

Ambitious and innovative cultural projects can only exist and expand if they have the necessary resources for artistic development. Determined to make the difference and help this innovative top quality Music House, we started up a movement of “new Friends” in 2012: Cultural and business leaders searching access to art and artists, and interested in joining us in this journey to support the place and stimulate unparalleled productions of sound and image.