Stakeholder & relation management

Maintaining, protecting and improving your business and stakeholder relationships can either be a complex or a straightforward issue. Both the goal and the audience play a role in the range of tactics to be used, and each effort requires a crucial understanding of how to proceed.

Stakeholder & relation managementSubtle topics such as increasing your influence with certain political or trade organisations require an experienced hand. Increasing societal acceptability, improving internal stakeholder relationships and attracting top talent are all potential benefits if this is done correctly. We map out a strategy and implementation plan with clear objectives in mind. This will help you to know precisely where you need to start, with whom and why. If necessary, we can guide breakthrough implementation projects and help disseminate knowledge and experience to your staff.

We work with our clients in the following areas of advice and implementation:

  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Stakeholder risk management
  • Stakeholder workshop facilitation
  • Relationship management
  • Platform and dialogue building
  • Facilitating workshops with key audiences