Communication re-engineering

Being effective and making a clear contribution to a business is the goal of any department. Over time, a certain level of complacency can creep in and a feeling of repetition can unwittingly stagnate your communication. Staying inspired can require a little external encouragement.

Communication re-engineering

We improve effectiveness by 30 to 40% by optimising departments, helping them to make the right strategic choices, working hand in hand with them and improving the mix of communication disciplines and actions.

We introduce new ideas and methods, teach strategy and re-engineer your current methods. We present an external and frank point of view that gives your business the independent perspective it sometimes needs to reinvigorate innovation in communication. Examining your methods and striving for continuous improvement, we will guide you throughout the learning process, challenging and motivating your communication professionals.

We work with our clients in the following areas of advice and implementation:

  • Communication audits and PR performance reviews
  • Communication department audits and efficiency scans
  • Communication strategy development
  • Communication masterplanning
  • New digital communication transition strategies
  • Communication measurement development
  • Evaluation of communication management and personnel
  • Agency search