Branding, image development & corporate communication

Many people underestimate the importance of branding, corporate communication or image development strategies. They ignore their dynamics, and the effect they have on the position of a business or an organisation in the market, and on the esteem and trust shown in it by employees and stakeholders. Many companies still believe the old tools and methods are sufficient in the new digital world.

Branding, image development and corporate communication

Long established organisations often need to re-energise their corporate image or brand, develop strategies and action plans for corporate image development, carry out rebranding, position their brand in new markets, follow new directions or establish it in changing market environments

We work with our clients in the following areas of advice and implementation:

  • Corporate communication audits and scans
  • Corporate brand image audits and scans
  • Communication masterplanning
  • Corporate image development strategies
  • Corporate rebranding strategies and action plans
  • Integrated communication planning
  • Marketing communication
  • Rebranding
  • Brand image development strategies